Updated FAQs on Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme

Jun 08, 2020

Revenue recently released version 13 of the FAQ, Guidance on the Operational phase of the COVID 19: Temporary Wage Subsidy Scheme (TWSS).  

Updated items include: 

  • Paragraph 2.8 Rehiring employees – advice on the processes relating to employees who were removed from payroll and rehired, including steps to take for the inclusion and processing of rehired employees on the TWSS.  

  • Paragraph 3.12 Multiple employments – confirmation that earnings from active employments, including retirement benefit/an occupational pension are considered in determining the CVS File figures.  

  • Paragraph 4.3 Retirement benefits and ARNWP – confirmation that retirement benefits/pensions payments, subject to income tax through the PAYE system, will be taken into account in calculating the Average Revenue Net Weekly Pay (ARNWP). 

  • Paragraph 4.5 Using a different value to the ARNWP – further confirmation that the employer risks applying incorrect values to the ARNWP and subsidy calculations, due to the potential for multiple employments, where the figures in the Employers CVS file are not followed.  

  • Paragraph 4.18.1 Entering subsidy information through ROS screen – information for employers not using payroll software or who are entering payroll information manually. 

  • Paragraph 5.4 treatment of BIK for eligible employees – information on the treatment of BIKs for employees moving off the TWSS, with the suspended BIK being spread over the remaining payroll periods for 2020.  

  • Paragraph 5.6 Reduction or refusal of refunds – further information on subsidy reduction or refusals due to excessive additional gross payments.  

Further details on these updates and additional information are highlighted in grey in Revenue’s FAQs