Virtual interviews: Top tips

Mar 30, 2020
Preparation is important in advance of all interviews that you are called to attend. However, there a number of key points to note when preparing for a virtual interview.

Check the technology

Familiarise yourself with the technology that is being used and do your research in advance in relation to the technology. Test it in before the interview also to make sure it is working and to ensure that you are as familiar as possible with the features of the technology. Especially check that you are aware of the functionality of the microphone and camera. A strong wi-fi connection is essential so again testing this would be advisable. Headphones can help with sound and drowning out background noise.

Sit in a quiet space

Set yourself up in a quiet space where there is adequate lighting and where there are going to be no interruptions during the interview. Sitting at a desk is ideal and you should also check that the setting of the room is appropriate for an interview. With certain technologies you can blur out the background and this can help if the setting isn’t entirely suitable. Turn your mobile phone off to avoid any calls coming through during the interview.

Dress the part

Dress the part for the interview the same as you would for a face to face interview. There is still an expectation that you will dress appropriately even for a virtual interview. Presentation is equally as important in this format.

Watch your body language

Monitor your body language and your positioning with the camera. In advance of the interview practice with the technology and explore how you can best position yourself in front of the camera on your device. You should at all times sit up straight and ensure that you are looking directly at the camera. Although you can’t make direct eye contact obviously you still want the person conducting the interview to feel that you are engaged with the conversation and are looking directly at the camera. Keep your head up and your shoulders back and this will help with engaging with the interviewer as well as portraying a confident manner. 

Making a connection

Obviously with no opportunity to shake hands a vital point of connection is lost. You need to be mindful of this and look for other ways to make a connection and break the ice. Throughout the interview look to see if you can find a common connection like a mutual contact or interest or engage in a memorable conversation. Don’t forget to smile too as this will help you to create a positive impression and connection.

Speak clearly

Speaking clearly and a little more slowly can be important during a virtual interview as there may be lags in transmission due to interruptions in wi-fi signals. Wait a moment before responding to questions and take your time with answers so that the message lands fully.

Best of luck with your interview.

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