What are our Chartered Tax Consultants doing now?

Dec 05, 2018

Recently, being a little bit nosy and curious, we asked our most recent Chartered Tax Consultants what they're doing now.

We see them week in and week out as they come in for their Saturday modules and case studies but once they're finished, it's very hard to keep track of what they're up to. So we thought we'd find out. 

Plain and simple: What have you been doing? 

This was the main question but we expanded that with asking has what they learned helped in their job, what has happened since - have they stayed in the same job, changed, been promoted, any negatives, what would they do differently in hindsight.

So what were the answers?

The answers were positive. Here's what people said:

Practitioner's experience

"For me as a practitioner of many years it has enhanced my knowledge and created significant added value to the advice I provide daily to a full range of clients and critical in detailed meetings with clients, solicitors and bankers. I SHOULD HAVE DONE IT MUCH SOONER.
The case study sessions [are] a good way for all professionals to learn to engage with other professionals in a learning exercise without feeling inhibited. 
[CTC] is a huge commitment when you run a significant practice but if you are focused it can be done.
More Chartered Accountants after, say, 5/10 years PQE  should return to do this. With your experience it adds so much to your practical knowledge level.


"I don’t work directly in tax but it's proven such useful knowledge to have in my daily work and everyday life. After all, tax affects every transaction.

Since the course I got the next step up promotion in work and I am also the accountant for my small family business"

Moved into tax, gained confidence

"I have moved job [to a large multinational] as EMEA Tax Compliance Manager. I made a few friends from the course. I possibly would have made more if I had attended more lectures. I definitely gained a huge amount of confidence following the completion of the course, especially in the area of presenting and dealing with requests in a formal manner. Also if you are working in tax I feel it is important to have a tax qualification to be respected. I have become more assertive now that I have more confidence following completion of the course and having gained more technical knowledge. 
The workload of the course was significant and the combination of the workload...meant I had to manage my free time. It was important not to fall behind to ensure I had sufficient time to do the assignments. 
The workload was significant and it was a tough year which meant I had to make a number of sacrifices in my private life but it was definitely worth it in the end. I was deliberating between doing this course and a similar course but I definitely made the right choice."

Reflecting standard comments

These comments are just a snapshot and certainly not exhaustive research but they broadly reflect what appears each year in post-programme surveys. It is a challenging year and can feel tough at times but it's really worth it.

Thinking of making the leap? The time is now

If you think Chartered Tax Consultant is for you, we are starting 2019's programme in January, with enrollments closing on 14 December 2018. You can contact Amy to find out more. Make sure you read all the entry requirements to make sure you're eligible but please do get in touch and we'll help you make this important decision.