How do Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) help investigations?

Jan 22, 2020
The latest publication from the UK Financial Intelligence Unit (UKFIU) titled the 'SARs Reporter Booklet' contains a sanitised summary of feedback from law enforcement agencies (LEAs) on their use of SARs and includes pertinent information and updates from the UKFIU. The UKFIU sits within the National Crime Agency (NCA) and receives over 470,000 SARs a year. This Booklet highlights the work of LEAs in utilising SAR intelligence to initiate investigations and informing existing ones.

More information about the UKFIU, the SARs regime and further guidance notes can be found at the NCA website with helpful Guidance Notes reproduced below.

Submitting A Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) within the Regulated Sector – Guidance Note
Introduction to Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) – Guidance Note

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