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Develop a greater competence in research and thoughtleadership so that the activities of Chartered Accountants Ireland are underpinned by innovation and advances in technical thinking and technology.

In the initial phase, this will include development work on the values of a Chartered Accountant and defining the code of ethics more clearly for members. In particular, work will be carried out on the application and definition of the public interest to Chartered Accountants. The outcomes will be clearly communicated to members.

  • Infrastructure to be put in place by Q1 2016, with initial programme of activity defined and scoped.
  • A centre of excellence involving senior level focus and an agreed programme of activity.

To review our governance structures so that we support greater innovation through faster decision-making, transparency and proximity to our customers. We must make it attractive for members with the experience and skills to become involved in the governance of Chartered Accountants Ireland (whether on Council or other committees) and facilitate the implementation of this strategic plan.

  • Taskforce comprising Council members and management (with potential external support) to be established in 2015 to report Q2 2016 with a view to implementation in 2017.
  • More efficient governance structures. Removing complexity as a barrier to participation.
  • More effective and timely decision-making leading to greater satisfaction with the governance processes for members, management and staff of Chartered Accountants Ireland.

To work with organisations in other countries and globally (such as Chartered Accountants Worldwide, Global Accounting Alliance, IFAC, FEE) to maintain and increase the relevance of Chartered Accountants Ireland in the global context and continue to improve the international reputation and position of Irish Chartered Accountants.

This may involve international alliances where these enhance the member focused service of Chartered Accountants Ireland.

  • Enhance the voice of Chartered Accountants Ireland in representing the interests of members in shaping the future of the profession in an international context.
  • Increased standing and influence of Chartered Accountants Ireland in a global context.
  • Visibility and management of global developments of interest to Chartered Accountants Ireland and our members.