Programme and assessment structure

Chartered Tax Consultant (CTC) programme is divided into two stages: stage one – Applied Tax and stage two – Integrated Tax.

Each stage is broken into a number of modules. Applied tax contains eight modules and Integrated Tax consists of a further 12 Modules.

Each module is delivered through a blended learning approach. Each week you will be required to watch an online pre-recorded session* which will prepare you for your classroom session.

Classroom sessions are held on Saturdays from 9.00am to 6.00pm; these sessions are broken into group tutorials and facilitated break-out groups, where you tackle real-life-based case studies.

It should be noted that the Chartered Tax Consultant is a demanding course in terms of time, effort, workload and commitment. Some people may wish to consider short periods of study leave to complete assignments should their needs dictate.

*Recorded lectures are deemed as a supplementary learning resource and not a primary resource in order to complete a programme. All efforts are made to upload recorded material to Moodle, where this is not possible due to technical errors or where there are time delays incurred, this is not deemed as prohibitive to completing an assessment.


Assessment consists of a mix of home assignments and end of stage open book exams.
There are two four-hour exam papers at the end of each of Applied Tax and Integrated Tax.
Attendance is monitored but not assessed - participants are expected to attend all onsite sessions.


 Stage  Applied Tax Integrated Tax 
 Number of assignments  Two  Three
 % allocated  30%  30%

There are usually two-three weeks allocated to complete assignments.


Stage  Applied Tax   Integrated Tax
 Number of exams  One*  One*
 % allocated 70%  70%


*Each end of stage exam is spread over two days. There is a four-hour exam on each of these days with one day break between the two.

Participants must pass Applied Tax before moving on to Integrated Tax.

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