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In recent years many organisations have been moving away from the traditional performance management systems towards performance conversations. This means engaging with your key talent regularly in a meaningful way, unlocking greater performance. 

Modern brain research has shown how our brains really work and Greenline Conversations draws on this to deliver a scientifically based methodology you can use to have better  more skilful conversations – even where there is tension.  It enables conversations to be more productive, create greater commitment and get better results.
Greenline enables managers to understand the various dynamic components of conversation which in turn allows them to make more skilful choices. Where Conversations are not handled skilfully, residue is created and residue has a cost.

Greenline Conversations Masterclass

We are hosting a Greenline Masterclass with the co-founders of the ‘Greenline’ approach Ian McClean and Blair Steinbach. Blair is based in Canada where he heads up Greenline and we’re particularly delighted that he will be joining us for this exclusive session for which there are just 25 places available.

When: Tuesday 19 September – 10:00am - 1:30pm

Where:  Chartered Accountants House, Dublin

Click here to see get a flavour of what to expect from a Greenline Conversations event...informative, topical, engaging and fun. At our recent event, people left the room saying they were "on fire", "buzzing", and they really enjoyed it. Join us on 19 September 2017 to see for yourself what it's all about!

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Reduce ‘residue’

Do you sometimes have meetings with a peer about a project and discover two weeks later their understanding is completely different to yours? Do you have a high performing team member you need to retain, yet you struggle to keep them engaged and motivated? Do you find yourself at meetings where the conversation goes around in circles with no clear outcomes? 

With good intentions, we engage with others to solve problems. Often those conversations go as planned, but sometimes they don’t, producing residue. Residue is a result of poorly  handled conversations creating either a lack of clarity, commitment or both. It can frequently escalate to bad feelings and the erosion of trust which can impact future interactions. The Greenline approach helps you avoid residue.

On completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Understand the value of impactful communication on effectiveness
  • Be able to identify opportunities to have important conversations at work
  • Have learned about the impact that our brains and thinking processes have on the quality of conversation we have in our professional relationships
  • Have a clear roadmap of the behaviours needed to conduct excellent performance conversations
  • Create enhanced relationships internally and externally – based on understanding others
  • Be equipped with a simple, well-researched methodology to interacting with others in a way that minimizes residue while maximising efficiencies
  • Have a greater ability to exert a positive influence on others

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