Revenue E-Brief

The content shown on this page is an E-Brief produced by the Irish Revenue Commissioners. To view the section of legislation to which the E-Brief applies, click the link below:

Revenue E-Brief Issue 4, 24 January 2007

Electronic Refunds of Corporation Tax

With effect from July 2007, payment of Corporation Tax refunds by Revenue in respect of Irish based companies will be made directly to company bank accounts and refunds by cheque will be discontinued. Bank details for these Direct Credit refunds can be supplied on the payslip attached to the Corporation Tax (CT1) Return Form.

Any changes to bank account details already on file can be submitted in writing to:

Inward Processing Unit
Collector General’s Office
Sarsfield House
Francis Street

Where a refund is on file for a company that has not provided bank account details, this refund will be held and bank details will be requested in writing from the company concerned.

Refunds will continue to be made by cheque to foreign based companies.

This procedure will provide a more secure, efficient service to companies in ensuring that refunds issue in a faster and more secure manner.