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Revenue Note for Guidance


Distributions – supplemental


Chapter 6 provides supplemental provisions relating to distributions.

152 Explanation of tax credit to be annexed to interest and dividend warrants


This section provides that every warrant or cheque drawn in payment of a dividend or interest which is a distribution is to be accompanied by a statement in writing giving particulars of the dividend/interest paid.


Dividend warrants

(1) Every warrant or cheque drawn in payment by a company of a dividend, or in respect of interest treated as a distribution, must be accompanied by a statement in writing giving particulars of —

  • the amount of the dividend (distinguishing any part of the dividend paid out of capital profits) or the amount of interest paid, and
  • the period for which the payment is made.


(2) A company failing to comply with the requirements in connection with the information to accompany dividend warrants is liable for a penalty of €200 for each failure, subject to a maximum penalty of €2,000 in respect of failures connected with any one payment of a distribution, dividend or interest.


(3) A company making a distribution (other than a distribution to which subsection (1) refers) is obliged, when requested by the recipient of the distribution, to furnish a statement showing the amount of the distribution.

Relevant Date: Finance Act 2021