Revenue Note for Guidance

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Revenue Note for Guidance

531H Assessment, collection, payment and recovery of income levy on relevant income


This section addresses the issues of assessment, collection, payment and recovery of the levy.


(1) Subsection (1) refers to “aggregate income for the year of assessment” to ensure that both relevant income and relevant emoluments are within the charge if an assessment is required. It provides that the levy shall be assessed, charged and paid as if it were income tax. It shall be charged on the individual income of each spouse without reference to the other spouse, but in the overall statement of liability for the year of assessment may be accumulated with income tax due for the same period, even if there is no other income tax liability for the year of assessment.

(2) Where an officer of the Revenue Commissioners makes an assessment to levy based on that officer’s best judgement, the provisions of the Tax Acts in relation to assessment, collection, recovery of tax, and payment of interest on unpaid tax, shall also apply.

(3) Where income levy applies for 2009 there shall be a payment of income levy made at the same time as the preliminary income tax payment, calculated as if income levy was in force for 2008.

(4) The Revenue Commissioners are empowered to make regulations for the proper administration and implementation of income levy including provision for assessment, collection, recovery and repayment of income levy.

Relevant Date: Finance Act 2021