Revenue Note for Guidance

The content shown on this page is a Note for Guidance produced by the Irish Revenue Commissioners. To view the section of legislation to which the Note for Guidance applies, click the link below:

Revenue Note for Guidance

696E Returns (Chapter 3)

(1) Returns must be on forms approved by Revenue. A provision for electronic returns (i.e. under ROS) is included.

(2) Returns must be submitted at the same time as the annual corporation tax return (CT 1), and show breakdowns of expenditure and profits for each field, as well as the profit resource rent tax (if any) for the field. Revenue may also require that additional information be provided on the form.

(3) Revenue may seek clarification of details, etc. on the return.

(4) & (5) Penalties, etc. will apply for non-delivery of the form.

Relevant Date: Finance Act 2021