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Revenue Note for Guidance


Chargeable Persons: Self-Assessments

959R Inclusion of self assessment in return


This section provides that every tax return submitted under Chapter 3 must include a self assessment by the chargeable person to whom the return relates. This is subject to section 959S (where a person opts for Revenue to do the self assessment) and section 959T (where a person acts on behalf of the chargeable person). The section sets out the basic elements to be contained in a self assessment and provides that where it relates to amounts chargeable under more that one heading, these should be identified separately (e.g. income tax, USC, PRSI and, if required, any surcharge arising).

The section provides that where a taxpayer files electronically and uses the calculation of liability provided by the Revenue Online System in the self-assessment, interest or penalties will not apply should any error or mistake arise from Revenue’s computational system.


Except where a self assessment is made by Revenue, under section 959S, or by an agent, under section 959T, then every return must include a self assessment made by the chargeable person.

Such a self assessment is part of the tax return and must include the details required by Revenue.

These details include:

  • the items set out in section 959C (being the amount of income, the amount of tax chargeable, the amount of tax payable and the balance payable / repayable / available for offset, the amount of any surcharge),
  • where an assessment relates to more than one tax, the amount of each tax (similar to the requirement for Revenue assessments under section 959E) noting that section 959C includes amounts such as PRSI as a tax for this purpose.

Where a chargeable person files their tax return via ROS (under Chapter 6 of Part 38) and bases their self assessment on the indicative tax calculation that may be provided by ROS, any additional tax shall be due within one month of the amended assessment (in accordance with section 959AU(1)). Part 47 (relating to interest and penalties) shall not apply.

The chargeable person should keep either an electronic or a paper copy of the indicative tax calculation on which they relied.

Relevant Date: Finance Act 2021