Revenue Note for Guidance

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Revenue Note for Guidance

959V Amendment by chargeable person of return and of self assessment in return


This section provides that a person may amend a return and self assessment by giving notice in writing (or by electronic means, where relevant) to Revenue. Such amendments may, in general, be notified up to four years after the end of the chargeable period involved unless a Revenue office has started enquiries, an audit or other investigation.


This section provides that in certain circumstances, a chargeable person may, by notice to Revenue, amend the submitted return.

Where a chargeable person amends the tax return, that notice must also amend the self assessment at the same time.

A chargeable person may only amend their return and self-assessment:

  • to claim an allowance, credit, deduction or relief due under the Acts,
  • to correct and error or a mistake, or
  • to comply with another provision of the Acts.

The notice of amendment of the return and self assessment must give the reason for the amendment.

The chargeable person must notify Revenue that they are amending a return and self assessment under this section. Such notification may be given electronically if Revenue make such facilities available.

Where a chargeable person filed their tax return and self assessment electronically then any amendment, other than one that relates to CGT, must be made electronically. CGT returns and self assessments may still be amended in paper format.

If an agent, under section 959L, is amending the return then they can provide the notice required in subsections (1) and (2) (being the notice to amend return and notice to amend the self assessment) and the return and self assessment will be deemed to have been amended by the chargeable person.

Notice to amend a return can only be given within 4 years after the end of the chargeable period. This section does not extend the period of amendment for items in the tax return which are themselves subject to a shorter timeframes.

Notice cannot be given in relation to a return or self assessment once Revenue has started making enquiries, under section 959Z, or after an audit or investigation has commenced into that return or self assessment.

Penalties under section 1077E or 1077F, as appropriate, may apply where returns are amended under this section.

Relevant Date: Finance Act 2021