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Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 (Number 39 of 1997)


264B Returns of special term accounts by relevant deposit takers.

(1) In this section “appropriate inspector” means—

(a) the inspector who has last given notice in writing to the relevant deposit taker that he or she is the inspector to whom the relevant deposit taker is required to deliver the return referred to in subsection (2), or

(b) where there is no such inspector as is referred to in paragraph (a), [2]>the inspector of returns specified in section 950<[2][2]>the inspector of returns<[2].

(2) On or before 31 March in each year of assessment, every relevant deposit taker shall prepare and deliver to the appropriate inspector a return, in such form as may be prescribed or authorised by the Revenue Commissioners specifying—

(a) the name and address of the holder or holders, as the case may be, of each special term account which was opened during the previous year of assessment,

(b) whether such account is a medium term account or a long term account, and

(c) the date of opening of such account.

(3) Sections 1052 and 1054 shall apply to a failure by a relevant deposit taker to deliver a return required by subsection (2) and to each and every such failure, as they apply to a failure to deliver a return referred to in section 1052.




Inserted by FA01 s57(1)(a)(iv). With effect from 1 January 2002 per SI 596 of 2001.


[-] [+]

Substituted by FA12 sched5(1)(l).