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Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 (Number 39 of 1997)


531AAP. Valuation procedures

(1) If the Revenue Commissioners are not satisfied with the open market value of a concrete product provided in a return or where no return is made, they may estimate the value of the concrete product and any charge to defective concrete products levy shall be made by reference to the open market value estimated by the Revenue Commissioners.

(2) The open market value of any concrete product for the purposes of subsection (1) shall be ascertained by the Revenue Commissioners in such manner and by such means as they think fit and they may authorise a person suitably qualified for that purpose.

(3) Where the Revenue Commissioners require a valuation to be made by a person authorised by them for the purposes of subsection (2) the costs of such valuation shall be defrayed by the Revenue Commissioners.




Inserted by FA22 s99(1)(a). Comes into operation on 1 September 2023.