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Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 (Number 39 of 1997)


769E Application of Chapter 4 of Part 9.

(1) Subject to subsection (2), Chapter 4 of Part 9 shall apply as if this Chapter were contained in that Part, and any reference in the Tax Acts to any capital allowance to be given by means of discharge or repayment of tax and to be available or available primarily against a specified class of income shall include a reference to any capital allowance given in accordance with section 769D(2).

(2) In Chapter 4 of Part 9, as applied by virtue of subsection (1) to capacity rights, the reference in section 312(5)(a)(i) to the sum mentioned in paragraph (b) shall in the case of capacity rights be construed as a reference to the amount of the [2]>capital expenditure<[2][2]>qualifying expenditure<[2] on the acquisition of the capacity rights remaining unallowed, computed in accordance with section 769C.




Inserted by FA00 s64.


[-] [+]

Substituted by FA03 s20(1)(d). This section applies as on and from the date of 28 March 2003