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Taxes Consolidation Act, 1997 (Number 39 of 1997)


848E Payment of tax credit.

(1) Where a qualifying individual subscribes to a special savings incentive account, and the qualifying savings manager of that account complies with the provisions of section 848P in relation to that subscription—

(a) the Revenue Commissioners shall, subject to that section, pay to the qualifying savings manager the tax credit in relation to that subscription, and

(b) that tax credit shall—

(i) be beneficially owned by the qualifying individual, and

(ii) on receipt, be immediately subscribed by the qualifying savings manager to the special savings incentive account.

(2) Subject to this Part, exemption from income tax and capital gains tax shall be allowed in respect of the income and chargeable gains arising in respect of qualifying assets held in a special savings incentive account.

(3) A deposit (within the meaning of section 256(1)) made to a deposit account which is a qualifying asset, shall not be a relevant deposit (within the meaning of that section) for the purposes of Chapter 4 of Part 8.


(3A) The provisions of section 267B(2) shall not apply to shares held in a special share account (within the meaning of section 267A) where the shares are a qualifying asset.


(4) Notwithstanding subsection (2), where in a year of assessment an individual commences a special savings incentive account, the individual is obliged to include in a return, required to be delivered by the individual under section 951, or as the case may be, section 879, in respect of that year of assessment, a statement to the effect that the individual has commenced such an account.




Inserted by FA01 s33(1).



Inserted by FA02 s49(b).