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Stamp Duty Consolidation Act, 1999 (Number 31 of 1999)


78D. Duty charged

(1) Where a transfer order, or a deemed transfer order, is, by virtue of section 78B, chargeable with stamp duty under or by reference to the heading “CONVEYANCE or TRANSFER on sale of any stocks or marketable securities” in Schedule 1, duty shall be charged under that heading at the rate of one per cent of the consideration for the transfer to which the transfer order, or deemed transfer order, gives effect.

(2) Notwithstanding subsection (1)

(a) where a transfer operates as a voluntary disposition inter vivos, the reference in that subsection to the consideration for the transfer shall, in relation to the duty to be charged, be construed as a reference to the value of the interest transferred, and

(b) where the calculation results in an amount that is not a multiple of one cent, the amount so calculated shall be rounded to the nearest cent, and any half of a cent shall be rounded up to the next whole cent.




Inserted by FA20 s62(5). Comes into operation on 15 March 2021 as per S.I. No. 108 of 2021.