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Stamp Duty Consolidation Act, 1999 (Number 31 of 1999)


120A Relief in respect of certain payments of stamp duty.

The statement required to be delivered pursuant to this Part in respect of a transaction specified in section 116(1)(c) shall, in any case where, within the period of 4 years immediately before the date of the transaction and on or after 4 August 1973, there has been a reduction in the issued capital of the capital company concerned as a result of losses sustained by the company, be charged at the rate of zero per cent in respect of so much of the amount determined in accordance with section 118 as corresponds to the reduction in issued capital or to so much of the reduction in issued capital to which the rate of zero per cent had not been applied in respect of an earlier transaction occurring since the reduction in capital.




Inserted by FA00 s132(1). This section shall apply and have effect in relation to transactions executed on or after 15 December 1999.