Revenue Note for Guidance

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Revenue Note for Guidance

75. Tax due on intra-Community acquisitions

This section sets out the rules for the time when tax is due on intra- Community acquisitions (ICAs). It provides that tax becomes due on the ICA of goods on the 15th of the month following that during which the acquisition is made. This is the basic rule.

However, where the supplier in the other Member State issues an invoice for the goods in advance of that date, the tax becomes due on the date of issue of that invoice. (If the supplier’s invoice is in another currency, the exchange rate applicable on the day the tax is due is used – see section 37(4) for details.)

It may be noted that separate timing rules apply in the case of ICAs of new transport (cars, boats and planes – see section 2(1) for definitions) or of excisable goods by non-registered persons. These are covered in section 79. Also see Table 9.1 at the end of this Part.

Note also that a deferred payment scheme operates for VAT due on imports. This allows for the VAT to be paid on the 15th of the month following the month in which it becomes due. Importers or agents must be authorised to use the scheme, which operates by direct debit.

Relevant Date: Finance Act 2020