Revenue Note for Guidance

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Revenue Note for Guidance


Assessments: General Rules

959C Making of assessments: general rules


This section contains the general rules for the making of assessments. Any assessment made under the Acts, other than a self assessment, will be a Revenue assessment made by a Revenue officer. An assessment is to be an assessment to tax for a tax year or accounting period and all tax to be charged on a person is to be included in the one assessment. The section sets out the basic elements to be contained in an assessment and provides that an assessment may relate to amounts chargeable under more that one tax. For example, an assessment may relate to income tax and to USC. Additionally, an assessment may include other amounts (e.g. PRSI) chargeable as income tax and a surcharge, where required by section 1084.


Any assessment, other than a self assessment, is to be known as a Revenue assessment.

All tax charged on a person under the Acts is to be included in one assessment.

The assessment shall include the following:

  • The amount of the income, profits or gains for the period
  • The amount of tax chargeable (as defined)
  • The amount of tax payable (as defined)
  • The balance of tax payable / repayable / available for offset after taking account of prepayments and other payments on account.

An assessment under this Part may be for more than one tax and may include amounts due ‘under an enactment other than the Acts’. That is, it may be for income tax and USC (both of which are taxes for the purposes of this Part) and also for PRSI (due under Social Welfare legislation rather than the Acts).

The assessment should also include any surcharge due for late filings under section 1084.

Relevant Date: Finance Act 2021