One Young World: An unrivalled international perspective

May 01, 2018
Kate Robertson, founder of One Young World, believes young Chartered Accountants are driving change around the world.

What does the One Young World initiative stand for?

At our core is the belief that we need the leadership of young people to generate and deliver solutions to the systemic challenges facing 
the world. 

The current generation of young leaders is the most informed, best educated and most connected in human history. One Young World exists to provide a global platform and network for these leaders so they may gain international recognition for their work and accelerate the rate of change they’re already delivering.

Our platform provides young leaders from every sector, and from every country, a stage to debate, formulate and celebrate action that creates a better future. Other than the Olympic Games, no other event brings together as many nations as the One Young World Summit. The talent and diversity they bring to the Summit gives all delegates an unrivalled international perspective.  

What do participants gain from the One Young World experience?

The experience is transformative for delegates – being a One Young World delegate puts one on the radar of senior leadership and marks individuals as leaders within an organisation. 

What type of candidate are you looking for this year?

We are looking for young, talented employees who are driving change within their companies and communities; we are convinced that accountancy is the profession that can affect enormous change in the world. Accountants are a huge driving force in ensuring businesses act responsibly and we want young leaders who have the motivation to move and improve the seemingly unmovable force that is big business.

What tips can you give to those interested in applying?

First off, do it. Apply. Tell us what you have achieved. We want to see tangible data. What have you done and what was your impact? Measuring impact is very important to One Young World – we believe what doesn’t get counted doesn’t count.
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