Enrolling on an exam and/or interim assessment

Students under a training contract will need to be enrolled for their first attempt exams and/or interim assessments via their firm's exam portal.  For students who are on the flexible route or for those needing to repeat an exam and/or interim assessment, you must enrol online via your student portal.  Postal applications are no longer available.

Information on individual exams such as timetables etc. are available through the navigation on this page. This is accessible via the menu icon on mobiles and through the left hand side navigation on desktop.

The Examinations department has the following responsibilities :

  • Administration of pre-qualification examinations and post-qualification examinations
  • Publication of past examination papers, examiner's reports and solutions
  • Publication of the syllabus for each examination
  • Publication of the regulations governing the examinations
  • Certification of results in the Institute examination which students require when commencing study for qualifications with other professional/academic institutions

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