Authorisation to train

How do I apply to become a Recognised Training Organisation (RTO)?

Complete and return the appropriate application form to our Training Support Unit. Subject to eligibility requirements being met, you will be issued with a letter, which provides provisional authorisation to train. This will allow you to proceed with matters pertaining to registration of Training Contracts. A member of the Training Support Unit will then make arrangements with you to schedule an authorisation meeting at your office.

What to have ready for the authorisation meeting

Ideally a job spec for the potential trainee, with an outline of the range of experience you will give in year one, two and three of the training contract.  An outline of the supervision structures you will have in place and an overview of your business.  If you are in practice information on client base is relevant and in business an outline of the business you are in, and turnover.

Training Support Visits

Regular (scheduled) visits will be conducted by the Training Support Unit.  Following the initial authorisation to train meeting, a one year follow up meeting is arranged. Subsequent to this, training support visits will be scheduled every 3-4 years.

Recruiting trainees

First draft a brief job description, outline what the trainee would be involved in the first six months, year one, year two and so on. You may need to consider job rotations in your business.  This document will then assist you draw up a job spec and a training plan.  It is recommended that you use the resources, which are available on our website, including the ‘Guide to Professional Development Requirements on CA Diary’ document, to structure the areas of experience. We host a free job page called the Training Vacancies list that you can post vacancies for trainees that you can avail of. If you require any further information on this, please contact the Training Support Unit.

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