CA Diary Resources

How to access your CA Diary 

In order to access your CA Diary please login to the website
Once you are logged in go to Current students > Student centre.

On becoming a CA trainee you will enter into a period of professional development, either under a Training Contract with a member firm or a recognised training organisation or through the Flexible route.

During this period you will learn to apply the functional/technical knowledge to real-life situations; your broad-business skills will be developed and you will adopt the values that befits a prospective member of the CA profession.

The system used to record this information is referred to as the CA diary of professional development.

This Help-sheet will provide information on the CA Diary requirements for trainees who are preparing to submit an application for admission to membership. Guidance is included on functionality of the new CA Diary. Information is also provided for mentors in relation to locking and unlocking diary entries.

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