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What to expect on results day


FAE August 2020 results will be available online from 8am on Friday 25 September. Staff will be available from 8am to 4pm to answer any queries you may have on 01-5233926.

To view the result/s online:
  login with the username and password.
Select CURRENT STUDENTS - EXAM RESULTS.  Important: change academic cycle to 19/20 and  allow the system a moment to refresh.

Interim assessment results for FAE Core and Elective
The result obtained from this interim assessment is included in the FAE Core result.
The final elective exam will account for 100% of the overall result for 1st attempt candidates.
Candidates who have a prior interim assessment score in AAFRP or ELECTIVE will have this prior score carried forward and their final FAE exam/s will be weighted out of 85% of the overall score.

Exam result letter
Students can download their result letter on their student portal under “Exam Results”. The letter will consist of a percentage mark for each paper and a Pass or Fail per paper.

If you obtain a fail in any paper, a detailed summary of the Information & Appeals schemes are available on the link below.

Appeals and Information Scheme
Details on the Appeals & Information Scheme can be located on this link:      https://www.charteredaccountants.ie/Current-Student/Exams/Appeals

Under the scheme, a student whose result falls into the category of CREDIT or FAIL may apply for any of the options listed above.

Any student who may wish to sit any outstanding subjects in January 2021 must seek permission from their training firm.

Important closing dates:

Information & Appeals Schemes: close of business Friday 2 October 2020.

FAE January and August 2021 resit exam enrolment: close of business Friday 30 October 2020.

Important:  No interim assessments will take place prior to the January 2021 resit exams.

Concessionary attempt:  Any student who initially sat the FAE exams before the academic cycle 2017/18 it is possible you may need to apply for an additional attempt before you can enrol onto the exams taking place in 2021.

Requests must be submitted by close of business Friday 9 October 2020. Requests after this date will not be accepted. Please refer any queries to: disabilityofficer@charteredaccountants.ie


If you intend sitting any outstanding subject/s at FAE you must enrol on this link:https://www.charteredaccountants.ie/
Select “Current students” -  “Enrol on a course/exam” Tick only the boxes applicable to you for January/August 2021.  Proceed to payment.

The online enrolment window will be available until Friday 30 October, 2020.  Late enrolments will not be permissible.  Please carefully read the information below prior to enrolment.





FAE CORE Comprehensive

7 January, 2021


FAE Elective

8 January, 2021













FAE exam queries: faeexam@charteredaccountants.ie
FAE revision course queries: fae@charteredaccountants.ie

Webinar overcoming exam set-backs


Overcoming exam setbacks - develop the key tools to deal with setbacks effectively and comeback stronger.

This motivational webinar will be delivered by Tony Og Regan on 30th September at 1.00pm. A former Galway Hurler and a Chartered Accountant, he is now a Performance Psychology Coach. He runs his own coaching business that inspires, supports, and enables people, teams, and organisations to achieve peak wellbeing and performance.

In this webinar he will share with students:

  • Why our state of mind has an important role to play in overcoming setbacks/challenges
  • How elite performers in sport and business manage their state of mind in challenging situations
  • Understand what state of mind we are in right now
  • What is enabling or blocking us for moving forward
  • What are the key tools we can use to accelerate our growth from setbacks/challenges?

To register click here Overcoming exam set-backs


John O’Callaghan, chairman of the FAE Committee discusses the 2018 FAE results and offers valuable advice for prospective candidates.

0:00 / 0:00

Competency statement (applicable for students sitting summer 2020)

Exam enrolment for FAE

Students on an educational program for FAE will automatically be enrolled for their first sitting of their FAE exams.  Students sitting for their first attempt at FAE must sit in the main summer sitting.

Students needing to repeat an exam at FAE will need to enrol on the exam through our website.

Students need to be aware that late exam enrolments are not permitted once the closing date for exam entry has passed.

Assessment at FAE

This examination completes the qualification process and marks the start of a career as a Chartered Accountant; a career of life-long learning. The final examination elements are:

FAE Core: the core syllabus is examined on day one and comprises of a single case study. Candidates will be expected to integrate knowledge, experience and skills across all technical areas when answering these cases. In addition, candidates will be expected to complete an interim assessment assignment in the area of Advanced Application of Financial Reporting Principles.

FAE Elective: five electives are currently on offer: one each in the areas of Advanced Auditing & Assurance, Advanced Taxation (ROI/NI), Advisory), Financial Services and Public Sector.

Students should also note that completion of the Advanced Auditing & Assurance elective will be a pre-requisite for obtaining an audit certificate.

Students of the Advanced Taxation elective may wish to pursue their studies in tax beyond FAE and may be interested in our professional tax qualification Chartered Tax Consultant (CTC) which can be completed in just six months with this elective. Students who successfully complete the Advanced Taxation elective will be eligible to avail of an exemption to join CTC at the final stage of the programme.



Interim assessment








Paper 1

CORE: Comprehensive

(up to 15%)

AAFRP (Advanced Application of Financial Reporting Principles)


min 7 – max 9 indicators

four hour + 30 min reading time exam paper (open book)

Paper 2

ELECTIVE: Advanced Audit & Assurance

(up to 15%)


Audit Elective

min 7 – max 9 indicators

four hour + 30 min reading time exam paper (open book)

ELECTIVE: Advisory

(up to 15%)


Advisory Elective

min 7 – max 9 indicators

four hour + 30 min reading time exam paper (open book)

ELECTIVE: Advanced Tax ROI & NI

(up to 15%)


Taxation Elective

min 7 – max 9 indicators

four hour + 30 min reading time exam paper (open book)

ELECTIVE: Financial Services

(up to 15%)


Financial Services Elective

min 7 – max 9 indicators

four hour + 30 min reading time exam paper (open book)

ELECTIVE: Public Sector

(up to 15%)


Public Sector Elective

min 7 – max 9 indicators

four hour + 30 min reading time exam paper (open book)

  • Duration of all papers is four and a half hours.
  • Candidates are required to choose one of five Elective papers on offer.
  • In the Elective paper, Taxation, candidates may choose to sit either the Northern Ireland (NI) or the Republic of Ireland (ROI) version of the paper.

Exam results

The results for the FAE exams and interim assessments will be published on the Exam Results page in the Student Centre area.

Recommended education/study leave

The Institute recommends that training firms provide time off to their students to present for examination.  The recommended education/study leave is intended to accommodate attendance on education courses, e.g. block release, and private study.

The following recommendations are made in relation to education/study leave for those preparing as first attempt candidates for the FAE exams:

Paper Recommended study leave Exam leave
Papers 1 and 2 35 working days in total one day (on day of exam) per subject
Any repeat/resit exam N/A one day (on day of exam) per subject
Excludes Interim Assessment resits

NOTE: Recommended education/study leave is exclusive of time required to sit the examination.  Additional time off for sitting examinations is also recommended.

Please ensure you update your email address via the Profile page if you are going on study leave.  There will be several important notifications being circulated in relation to the exams shortly before the exams and it is in your best interest to have this information as soon as it is circulated. This will include your exam notification letter with your exam number which must be presented during registration each day of your exams.

Number of attempts

Students may make a maximum of three attempts over three consecutive academic cycles.  It is mandatory for students to make the main exam sitting their first attempt.  Students may sit their remaining examinations over the main and/or resit sittings.

Should a student not present for either the main or resit sitting in an academic cycle, they are deemed to have forfeited one attempt.

Adjudication of results

  1. Candidates are required to pass each subject independently.
  2. In order to pass each subject, the candidate must achieve a minimum of 50% or better (based on amalgamation of any applicable Interim Assessment component and the examination paper)
  3. Independent passes in each subject are referred to as credits.Where a candidate obtains a credit in every subject in the combination of subjects sat, his result will be adjudicated as Pass.

Extenuating circumstances affecting exam performance

If there are medical or other extenuating circumstances which you wish to have considered by the FAE Committee (FAEC) at adjudication please complete and return the Medical Special Circumstances Application Form below together with supporting evidence. This form should only be submitted after an examination session within ten working days of the final exam to the following address:

Chartered Accountants Ireland
Exams Department
47-49 Pearse Street
Dublin 2

Have a query?

If you have a query, please refer to our Support & Services page and contact the relevant department with your query.

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