Mentors - CA Diary

Purpose of the CA Diary 

Trainees of Chartered Accountants Ireland are required to acquire and demonstrate the competency, skills, knowledge and professional values required of a Chartered Accountant, through a period of professional development. This experience must be recorded and approved, at the required level, as part of the eligibility requirements to become a member of the Institute. Mentors play a key role in ensuring the accuracy and validity of recorded experience. 

Role and responsibilities

The Mentor role and responsibilities are set out in the Institute's Training Regulations, the Mentor CA Diary Guide and the Professional Development Requirements document. 

The main responsibilities include the following:

  • Review CA Diary experience, at a minimum, twice annually, this includes reviewing and approving (locking) experience 
  • Record six-monthly mentor reviews

Where trainees are gaining experience in regulated, third-party (external) audit, it is of utmost importance that mentors ensure that any audit experience is recorded accurately on the CA Diary, before locking diary entries. Please refer to the Guide to Recording Audit Days for more information 

Tutorials and webinars 

The Training Support Unit (TSU) has created a number of short videos which will assist you with accessing and navigating the CA Diary Mentor Dashboard, reviewing and locking trainee experience and carrying out 6 monthly mentor reviews. 

Tutorial 1:

Mentor log in and dashboard navigation

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Tutorial 2:

Mentor dashboard functionality

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Tutorial 3:

How to review, lock and unlock experience

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Tutorial 4:

How to complete a 6 monthly and a final mentor review 

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You can also view one of our recent mentor webinars in full below 

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