About our exemptions process

You may have already covered some of the Chartered Accountants Ireland course material in your prior studies. In essence, this means you may not need to take certain exams with us and could already be on your way to a rewarding business career as a Chartered Accountant.

Please use the form below to check your exemptions, this will give you an indication of what your starting point may be.

This is not an exemptions application form. Please visit the how to apply page to find out the step-by-step on how to apply to become a student.

Online exemption guide.

This guide includes accredited degree programmes. 
Check your exemption

Please tell us a little about yourself by filling out the form below. Once you click submit you will be sent to the exemption listing page this will give you an indication of what your starting point may be.

Use and protection of your personal information.

The Institute will use the information which you have provided in this form to respond to your request or process your transaction and will hold and protect it in accordance with the Institute's privacy statement, which explains your rights in relation to your personal data.

Other degree programmes

(non-accredited degree programmes)

The awarding of exemptions isn't restricted to accredited degrees only - other programmes from recognised third level education providers can give students exemptions. Usually these programmes will give partial CAP 1 exemptions, but there are often exceptions.

If you have completed a non-accredited degree, the application process is the same as with accredited; we'll just need a little more information from you. As well as your transcripts of results for each year of study, you'll need to send in your course module descriptors and examples of exam papers. We accept applications from programmes overseas, and all documents sent to us must be translated into English by a certified service. Please note, applicants for our programe must reside on the island of Ireland.

Post graduate programmes

We have also accredited a number of post-graduate masters programmes for exemptions from our CAP 1 and CAP 2 exams. Please click the button below for more details.

Programme accreditation exemptions overview

Details of the exemptions accreditation process for third level institutions is available below.
Exemptions are subject to a time limit from undergraduate qualification.

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If you have a query, please refer to our support & services page and contact the relevant department with your query.

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