Hire a qualified Chartered Accountant

The recruitment service is a consultative process that will help employers with:

  • Identifying talented Chartered Accountants with appropriate skills for the role involved.
  • Management of the recruitment process for roles including middle to senior management positions
  • We will only submit relevant and appropriate applications saving you valuable time
  • High levels of communication and visibility throughout the recruitment process
  • Lowest market rates - Unrivalled fee of 9.5% paid only upon successful placement
  • Advertising job opportunities on the website, promoted weekly through eNews, our weekly bulletin to our members
  • Showcase your job opportunity in the 'featured jobs' section on the website.
  • No churning of candidates. All candidates must voluntarily register with us for consideration for job opportunities
  • We do not headhunt candidates
  • Reference checks on request
  • Psychometric testing of candidates available on request.
  • Advice in relation to the market.
  • Support in the area of drafting job specifications. 

Contact details

Karin Lanigan, Manager - Career development & recruitment service

Phone: 01 637 7331
Email Karin.Lanigan@charteredaccountants.ie

Hire chartered accountant members

If you have job openings in your company for fully qualified Chartered Accountants,we are happy to help you recruit for roles for a very competitive fee of 9.5% of the annual base salary.