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For 2016/2017, the Student Services Department is running CA Proficiency 1, CA Proficiency 2 and Final Admitting Exam in the following locations:

  • CAP1: Belfast, Cork and Dublin 
  • CAP1 Distance: Dublin, Belfast and Galway
  • CAP2: Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Limerick and Waterford/Kilkenny
  • CAP2 Distance: Dublin, Belfast and Galway
  • FAE: Belfast, Cork, Dublin, Galway*, Limerick and Waterford/Kilkenny
  • FAE Distance:  Dublin and Belfast

Course centres are subject to demand. Further details about course locations are included in the relevant course enrolment forms page. Lecture notes and timetables are restricted to students enrolled on courses.

*For 2017/18 Galway will be part of FAE Distance.

Overview: CAP1

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Overview: CAP2

Learn more about our CAP2 course.

Overview: FAE

Learn more about our FAE course.

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