Training in business

Many Irish business people aren't aware that they can train Chartered Accountants in their business and benefit from direct access to Ireland’s premier accountancy qualification.

Chartered Accountants Ireland now offers a dedicated training programme, tailored for the specific challenges of training in a business environment.

The Flexible Route also provides an ideal opportunity for internal development, succession planning and makes your organisation more attractive to top calibre candidates. And with new flexible training options, Chartered Accountancy is now more accessible than ever.

The Flexible Route

The Flexible Route allows your staff train without a training contract, and enjoy flexibility around their studies and work experience. This programme works on the same basis as any other business qualification your staff may choose, meaning you can get involved in the professional development as much as you want, without being bound to the formality of a training contract. It allows you to keep key personnel, while still allowing them to train and develop their knowledge, and extend their competencies with Ireland’s leading accountancy qualification.

Study leave

There is no ‘block study leave’ for The Flexible Route students. Rather, Chartered Accountants Ireland encourages training organisations to agree a study leave policy with their students that suits the organisation’s needs. Study leave is not obligatory.

Audit experience

Companies in Industry rarely offer pure auditing or taxation experience. We recognise this point, so The Flexible Route students are not required to have audit experience as a core competency. Any student wishing to train as an auditor after qualifying can do so through established courses.


Mentors review the trainee’s Chartered Accountant diary every 6 months and sign off on the reviews. Mentors can be members of any IFAC recognised body.


Your staff can study and train at a pace that suits your business needs.

The training contract

While most students in business train in the Flexible Route, some companies provide training contracts for their staff. In the current competitive marketplace, the Training Contract can go some way to help retain high-calibre staff. While students can expect their fees to be paid by the company providing the Training Contract, there are no study leave guidelines to follow in Industry.

Employee status and salaries

Students following this route are employees of the organisation. Although they are participating in a formal training scheme with the Institute, all questions relating to his / her employment are matters primarily between the student and the employing organisation.

Chartered Accountants Ireland does not have direct involvement in the remuneration of students following this route. Issues such as salaries, bonuses, overtime and time-in-lieu are all decided by the organisation.

More information

For more information on training Chartered Accountants in business, please contact:

Robert Crosbie
Business Development
T: 01-6377345

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