Student benefits

Chartered Accountancy students enjoy many benefits, from support and advice, to exam success and completing their training in a short amount of time.

It's all about the numbers


That's right, our students qualify quicker than students of any other accountancy body in Ireland. This is due to our unique approach to education, training, and support available on the ground.

When we compare our pass rates with those of other accountancy bodies, our students always perform better. This is due to our focus on better preparing our students for their exams.

Usually Chartered Accountancy students will have fewer exams to sit than with other accountancy bodies. On average, Chartered students have just seven exam papers to sit (based on having prior exam exemptions).

Student Societies

Our students are encouraged to join the student society that operates in their area. The societies run a programme of social events such as charity balls, casino evenings, table quizzes, soccer competitions and guest speaker evenings. 

Through this network students can take part in post-exam reviews and liaise with us on matters such as programme quality, and training.

The Chartered Accountant Student Societies in Ireland (CASSI) is a network of the local student societies. For more information, please visit the CASSI official website by clicking the button below.

Chartered Accountants Newsletter

It's important to stay in the loop. Chartered Accountants Newsletter is the accounting and general business news bulletin produced by Chartered Accountants Ireland every Friday. It is circulated to all members and students alike and is an invaluable resource for developments within the profession. For more information, please visit the Newsletter section using the button below.


Current student benefits

The student section of our website contains useful details of the services and support available to students, such as information on exemptions, CA Diary, training vacancies and exams. Students have password-controlled access to the site and will receive text alerts in relation to timetable changes etc. Students will also have access to customized course material and reading lists. You'll find this on the current students section of the site, which you can access using the button below.

Advice from us

If there is doubt as to the interpretation of an Institute regulation (e.g. in relation to service under contract, study, stress or other personal issues) students or their firms are invited to contact the Education Department for informal guidance on a confidential, one-to-one basis.

Have a query?

If you have a query, please refer to our support & services page and contact the relevant department with your query.

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