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Students are encouraged to refer to the frequently asked questions pages before submitting a query to our teams. Our hours of operation are 9am to 5.30pm, and we aim to resolve your query by the next working day. During peak periods, such as enrolments (October) and exams (August-October), our response times may be longer. Please be sure to include your student ID number on any communications to our team to help resolve your query quicker.

If you’ve read the FAQs and still have a question, please contact us using the contact form below. Alternatively, if you have a specific query for one of our teams you will find their contact details further down this page.

General queries for new and current students:

Admissions Unit
  • Exemption/enrolment/registration queries
  • Training contracts
  • Terminations/transfers/route switches for students in training
  • GNIB
  • Travel cards
  • Complaints and feedback
  • Student Centre and Learning Hub (Moodle) access and support
  • Reporting for training firms
  • Access to student hub locations
  • General student queries, including flexible route students

01 523 3929


Some students may have already received communications about their Institute account manager – please continue to contact your designated account manager for queries related to admissions and training contracts. Other queries should be referred to the relevant educational delivery team.

For queries related to education delivery:

Education Delivery Team
  • Textbooks
  • Timetables
  • Attendance records and reporting
  • Course materials
  • Questions for lecturers
  • Webinar questions and support

This includes questions for both ROI and NI students.


 For queries about textbooks


Training support queries:

Training Support Unit
  • Firm Authorisation to Train
  • CA Diary
  • Audit Qualification
01 637 7202

For questions about exams:

Examinations Team
  • Exam queries
  • Special accommodations
  • Competency statement queries
  • Certified statements of results
  • E-assessment queries

CAP1: 01 637 7299

CAP2: 01 637 7220

FAE:    01 637 7301

Queries for prospective flexible route students:

Flexible Route
  • Information and guidance for prospective Flexible Route students

+353 1890 282928

+44 28 9043 5840

Information for employers taking on trainee chartered accountants:

Relationship Management Team
  • Information and support service for employers wishing to train students and graduate programmes
  • Training Chartered Accountants in business, practice or the public sector
  • 2nd and 3rd level promotion support services

Robert Crosbie
+353 1 637 7345
Anastasia Myachina
+353 1 637 3976

Sinead Fox-Hamilton
+353 1 637 3975
+44 7719 531 735

For CA Support including:

  • Emotional and practical supports with any personal issues resulting in distress (bereavement, job loss, marriage break-up, financial woes, work grievances, etc.)
  • Full suite of student supports
  • Wellness webinars/events and training

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