Course enrolment information

We have extended the closing date for enrolment of students who secured successful results in the autumn exam from 30 December 2020 to 8 January 2021. This extension is to accommodate office Christmas closures.

If you experience any issues with the enrolment process please contact While this email account will not be monitored from 24 December 2020 to 3 January 2021, we will ensure your query is dealt with on our return to the office on 4 January 2021.

To assist you with the enrolment process please read the following requirements

All candidates should firstly select their preferred student group. Once selected the subjects available for enrolment will display. The maximum allowable enrolment options will be pre-selected. Candidates may reduce their enrolment in accordance with the minimum requirements set for each level. Read below for more details on the breakdown requirements for each level.

Refund policy for withdrawal from a programme

  • Students who notify Chartered Accountants Ireland of their withdrawal from the CAP1/CAP2/FAE programme before 16th November 2020 and return any course materials that have been provided to them in a saleable condition will be entitled to a full refund less €100/£70
  • Students who notify Chartered Accountants Ireland of their withdrawal before 31st December 2020 are eligible for a refund of 50% of course fees
  • Students who notify Chartered Accountants Ireland of their withdrawal after 31st December 2020 are not eligible for any refund of fees paid
  • Deferral of your studies to a subsequent year cannot be facilitated

Please note, refunds are only applicable where full course fees has been received. Applications for refunds must be emailed to


  • If you are enrolled to a subject that has an E-Assessment component you must ensure that you have a current valid form of ID. We can accept Drivers Licence, Passport or Government Issued ID. It is important to note that you must be registered with Chartered Accountants Ireland exactly as your name appears on the ID used. If the transcripts of the qualification that you used to gain entry onto /exemption from our CAP1 programme are issued in a different name to that noted on your valid form of ID you must provide us with the paperwork that validates the change. On receipt of this documentation (e.g. marriage certificate, deed poll)  we will update your student record. 
  • Each E-Assessment will be invigilated by an on-line invigilator enhanced by an AI algorithm. Each assessment will be video recorded and stored for 15 working days after the assessment/examination so as to be able to address any immediate queries relating to that specific assessment/examination. Once this period has elapsed and any potential query has been concluded the video recordings will be deleted in line with the examinations retention policy. The recording will be held by the third party invigilation provider. It can be reviewed at any time during the retention period by either the third party invigilation provider or by Chartered Accountants Ireland Examination Executives and if required, the Head of Assessment & Syllabus and relevant Examination Committees. All third party providers have signed Privacy Agreements with Chartered Accountants Ireland.

If you are enrolling to CAP1

  • Candidates who have 2 full subjects or more outstanding in CAP1 can only enrol on the outstanding CAP1 subjects
  • Candidates must enrol on a minimum of 2 subjects in CAP1 if they have two or more full subjects outstanding in CAP1
  • If candidates are not exempt from Financial Accounting or Law in CAP1 they must select these subjects as part of their first enrolment options. It will not be possible to de-select these options. 

If you are bridging CAP1 and CAP2

  • If candidates have 1 ½ papers or less outstanding in CAP1 they may enrol onto Module 1 of CAP2 in addition to the outstanding CAP1 papers
  • You may de-select the CAP2 options if you wish to progress only with outstanding CAP1 subjects
  • You will not be presented with enrolment options for CAP2 Module 2 until you have successfully completed CAP1 in its entirety

If you are enrolling to CAP2

  • Candidates who have met the CAP1 requirement may enrol on all 4 subjects in CAP2
  • Alternatively candidates may elect to take CAP2 modularly. In such cases candidates can select a minimum of any two subjects in the CAP2 programme
  • Provided the candidate has cleared the CAP1 requirement in full they may enrol to the outstanding CAP2 subjects the following year regardless of an unsuccessful CAP2 exam result

If you are enrolling to FAE

  • Candidates cannot enrol on FAE until they have successfully completed all of CAP2
  • Candidates must enrol on FAE core and chose only one of the FAE electives
  • FAE must be taken as a complete part
  • Candidates repeating the FAE may opt to change their elective. In such cases they must enrol to the Summer Course programme for the new elective in order to be permitted to present for the examination

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