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What can your Chartered Accountant do for you?

Chartered Accountants are members of Chartered Accountants Ireland, Ireland’s largest and most prestigious accountancy body. Chartered Accountants are widely recognised as Ireland’s premier business professionals, providing essential strategic guidance, expertise and consulting across a vast array of business activities and sectors.

When you work with a Chartered Accountant, you can have confidence in the unique skills of Ireland’s premium business qualification – Chartered Accountancy. When faced with business uncertainty, Chartered Accountants can draw on a deep pool of experience and rigorous training. When risk needs to be managed, businesses can be confident that their Chartered Accountant will provide impartial, realistic advice.

In organising your financial affairs you need someone with professional qualifications, experience and integrity. For peace of mind and the best service, make sure your accountant is a Chartered Accountant.

We have over a thousand practicing firms on the island of Ireland, ranging from large international firms to local, sole practitioners. They serve all sizes and types of clients, from large institutions and companies to local businesses. Their services include; accounts preparation, annual audit, statutory filing requirements, taxation, capital acquisitions, capital gains, and inheritance tax, wealth checks, revenue audits, grant applications, capital investment, IT and more. This list is by no means exhaustive. Chartered Accountants can offer you an unrivalled breadth of client services.

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