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Chartered Accountants Cork Society is run by a committee of local members. The Society has four main sub-committees and runs local social, networking and CPD events for members every year. Susan O'Sullivan is currently the Cork Society Chair.


Professional Standards

We would like to remind our members that all outstanding Regulatory Fees are now due.

May 26, 2017
Press release

The 129th Annual General Meeting of Chartered Accountants Ireland will take place at 2:30pm on Friday the 19 May at Chartered Accountants House, 47 Pearse Street, Dublin. This will be followed by a Special General Meeting, dealing with changes to the regulatory regime and related Bye-Laws. Members have been issued with formal notice, agendas and other supporting papers - available on the Annual Reports page. Please have your voice heard by attending these important meetings.

May 18, 2017

Fiona Neville is joint Chair of the Young Professionals Committee. She is looking forward to the annual conference on 12 May and tells us that this event should be on every young member's radar as it's the ideal CPD and networking opportunity. It can really help our young members to develop and build their network, pick up new ideas and have some fun! What you see and hear depends a good deal on where you are standing; it also depends on what sort of person you are. - CS Lewis  For many young members the annual conference may be seen as event which barely registers on their radar.  Maybe seen as irrelevant to their CPD needs and geared more towards the older, more established members.  Being honest I may have shared some of these views in the past, but having taken a closer look they could not be further from the truth and I am really looking forward to the trip to Galway next month.  “Disruption” is the theme of this year’s conference, and who out there hasn’t faced a little (or a lot of!) disruption in their career to date?  We’ve made it through the most recent recession but are still faced with ever-emerging political and economic challenges - something that’s not going to change any time soon!  But with every challenge comes an opportunity...a chance for us to analyse, absorb, learn and progress.    This year’s conference has an excellent line up of speakers, each with their own story or insight to share and I would expect, as with our Young Professionals events that it is unlikely you would not come away without some key takeaways from the varied panelists.  It’s always great to hear speakers from industries other than your own and the range of topics on offer, coupled with the flexibility of the scheduling, enables you to tailor your CPD to areas which interest you most.  The conference is always a sell-out event and, between the pre-conference BBQ, networking lunches and post-conference banquet, is guaranteed to be a hugely social event.  It’s a great opportunity for networking and reconnecting with colleagues - whoever said CPD can’t be fun too?!  Who I am looking forward to seeing:  Mark Little As former VP of Media and MD of Twitter Dublin, I have had numerous opportunities to hear Mark speak in the past.  Knowing the passion and insight he brings to a room, I can guarantee his 9.15am slot is one not to miss.   Kevin Maughan The success story of UrbanVolt is inspiring and their business model is smart and innovative and a prime example of thinking outside the box.  Kevin’s experience with start-up companies should also be insightful. Sinead Mahon, FCA “It’s not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but the most responsive to change” (Darwin).  I am intrigued for Sinead’s talk as she takes Darwin a step further as “resilience” is coupled with “readiness”, key partners for success. Brian Keegan Tax is always topical but in the era of Brexit and Trump, Ireland will face huge challenges in the coming years. Annalise Murphy I’ve followed Annalise’s Olympic journey since London 2012 and could not but be impressed by the strength of character and resilience she exhibited on her way to a silver medal in Rio last year.  Brilliant women doing brilliant things - yes please! Brian Cody  As a Cork hurling fan, a man I love to hate.  But a man I need to hear!  What is his secret to success?  Or is there a secret?  Or is it all about the right motivation and application? Fiona is joint chair of the Chartered Accountants Ireland Young Professionals committee and is a Senior Financial Accountant at Twitter. Book your ticket for the conference today 

Apr 27, 2017