Enterprise and Entrepreneurship


Enterprise and entrepreneurship is all about creating and exploiting business opportunities.

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01 January 2021 00:00
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01 January 2022 00:00
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Course overview 

This course shows you how companies apply enterprise skills to turn their business ideas into successful and sustainable ventures. This course helps you discover the importance of strategic thinking and consider how to develop effective business models, value creation methods and exit strategies. You will also explore the factors that influence success, and learn how to manage entrepreneurial projects through both good times and bad.

Your entrepreneurial vision

  • What is entrepreneurship?
  • What is a strategic vision?
  • How do I turn my product idea into a scalable business idea?
  • What factors will influence the success of my business model?
  • How should I talk about my business idea?
  • Which business type is best for me?
  • How much attention should I give to brand development?
  • What other issues should I consider?

Leading the initiative

  • Who should be involved?
  • What is the best organisational structure for me?
  • How can I build relationships with customers?
  • How do I manage financial aspects?
  • What do my investors and stakeholders need to know?
  • How should I manage risk?

Developing a sustainable venture

  • Why does business development matter?
  • When is the right time to expand?
  • How do I identify opportunities for growth?
  • How can I gather relevant information?
  • What tools can I use to inform decision-making?
  • How should I manage the innovation process?

Creating, measuring and harnessing value

  • What is the value chain?
  • How should I measure success?
  • How can I estimate the value in my enterprise?
  • When should I re-evaluate my business model?
  • How can I release the value in my business?
  • What should my long-term entrepreneurial strategy be?

Staying on track

  • Why do business plans and businesses fail to deliver?
  • How can I stay afloat in a crisis?
  • Where can I find support and advice?
  • What do I do if my concept fails?
  • When should I hand over the project to a successor?