Guide to Organisational Culture for Directors


This interactive e-learning experience walks you through Chartered Accountants Ireland's Concise Guide for Directors - A five step approach to considering organisational culture. While organisational culture is a concept that has been around since the 50's, it has become an increasingly important factor for boards to consider. Regulators, standard setters and the investor community are becoming more influential in driving boards to consider the culture of the organisation, for example Central Bank regulating for a customer first culture in credit and insurance institutions or Institutional investors holding boards accountable for embedding sustainability practices throughout the organisation. This course will provide you, as a director, with an understanding of organisational culture, how it can be measured, evaluated, and changed, and how it can feature on the board's agenda.

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01 January 2021 00:00
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18 November 2021 00:00
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Who should attend

This course is suitable for directors, trustees, senior management, advisors to boards and directors, regulators, and members of the investment community. The course is interactive with a test your knowledge quiz at the end.

Course overview

    This interactive e-learning course will:

  • Provide an understanding of organisational culture.
  • Walk through of Chartered Accountants Ireland's Five Step Approach to Considering Organisational Culture, including:
    1. How to assess the current culture of the organisation
    2. How to evaluate the effectiveness of the organisation's culture (are the behaviours the right behaviours!)
    3. Thoughts for defining the target culture that fits the organisation's vision, mission, and values.
    4. Identifying the gaps between an organisation's current and target cultures and prioritising gaps to close.
    5. Beginning the process of change to close these gaps.
  • How the directors can ensure that organisational culture features more frequently on the board agenda for oversight.
  • An overview of additional resources to reference for further information.

Key learning outcomes

By the end of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Raise questions and constructively challenge information relating to organisational culture presented at board and senior management level.
  • Provide effective oversight and direction in relation to organisation culture and influence change to encourage behaviours that support the organisation's vision, mission, and values.
  • Communicate with regulators, investors, and other key stakeholders on how the organisation can encourage a healthy organisational culture.
  • Make informed contributions to discussions on organisations culture while understanding certain nuances.
  • Appreciate the complexities and seek practical solutions to assess, evaluate and change organisational culture

Speaker bio

Narrated by (Níall Fitzgerald FCA, (Head of Ethics and Governance, Chartered Accountants Ireland) ) and (Kate Doyle, (E-Learning Consultant) )