Accountancy Europe launches its Sustainable tax systems project

Mar 22, 2021


Accountancy Ireland has issued a call as part of their Sustainable tax systems project for thought leaders in taxation to share their views on the changes necessary to make tax systems fit for the future.

In the call, Accountancy Europe stated "Our current tax systems are struggling to keep up with new business models, ageing demographics, and mobile taxpayers. The Coronavirus crisis, climate urgency and social stresses have exacerbated these difficulties. We believe now is the time to consider how tax systems must be changed to deal with future funding challenges and help develop a sustainable economy."

Calls for contributions will be made on a thematic basis – the first topic to address is taxes and the environment. Experts in this field are invited to submit their contributions by 30 June 2021 to Paul Gisby, Senior Manager, to help drive forward the policy debate in this area.