Changes to Revenue’s structure

Nov 05, 2018

According to a statement, Revenue’s organisational structure will no longer consist of a single Large Cases Division and four geographically based Regions.  Instead, Revenue have apparently implemented a new structure which they say is arranged on segments of taxpayers across the country.  This means that there may be a change of Revenue personnel on your case.

The new divisions are divided as follows:

  • Large Corporates Division (LCD) - dealing with the largest companies, managed through sectoral branches
  • High Wealth Individuals Division - dealing with high wealth individuals, pensions, and tax avoidance issues
  • Medium Enterprises Division - dealing with a tier of large businesses and wealthy/high income individuals that fall below the thresholds for LCD and High Wealth Individuals Divisions
  • Business Division - dealing with the majority of business taxpayers
  • Personal Division - dealing with all personal or non-trading taxpayers as well as not-for-profit organisations.

A chart is available setting out the branch structure of each of the new divisions. The contact details for the new divisions are available on  The new structure will be discussed at Main TALC later this month and we will revert to members with further details of these changes.