Five things you need to know about tax, 9 November 2018

Nov 08, 2018

Read about the UK Autumn Budget 2018, Revenue’s new organisational structure and a report on the tax profile of African states.     


  1. Read part one of our in-depth analysis of the UK Autumn Budget 2018 which featured in Monday’s edition of Chartered Accountants Tax News
  2. The Finance Bill which will become the Finance Act 2019 was published on 7 November



  3. According to a statement, Revenue’s organisational structure will no longer consist of a single Large Cases Division and four geographically based Regions.  Read about the changes
  4. Revenue have written to over 125,000 PAYE workers reminding them of the four year time rule for claiming tax back, tax credits and reliefs due.  Read more



  5. The OECD have published a report on the tax profile of 21 African states. Read more