HMRC’s April 2019 digital support services update

Apr 23, 2019

HMRC have asked to share the latest update below.

Digital Customer Support Services

Agent Forum (AF)

As at end of March 2019 the Forum has over 1143 Agent subscribers, up 29 since the last progress report. And 153 HMRC staff. We continue to both build our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) capability, recruiting from across HMRC to improve issue resolution responses and on the introduction of an Agent Forum platform upgrade; we have gone out to existing users to invite participation in Beta testing of the new upgrade MS Dynamics system. Other performance metrics include over 99.2k views (up 7k), 4327 posted messages (up 220) on 824 899 current topics (Up 75), all since July 2017; which are moderated daily with appropriate responses given, as determined by subject matter, related traffic generated and referrals provided by line of business.

Our priority after delivering issue resolutions to agent enquiries, continues to be enlisting formal internal HMRC SME engagements and focusing on upgrading the existing platform, which is being developed as an Agile project.  The approved platform is Microsoft Dynamics. We are now entering the planning and delivery stages of associated installation, training and data migration activities.

We are still publishing our weekly digest email to all registered Agent forum members. It summarises traffic posted on the forum during the previous 7 days, with dedicated links to specific issues raised. System metrics show it continues to significantly increased agent engagement and forum views.  

We continue to work closely with the Issues Overview Group (IOG) on widespread queries. We note they will be having monthly conversations to present their collective views to HMRC. A key responsibility of the IOG group is to jointly determine what the ‘widespread’ issues priority classification should be, for earliest resolution.    

The Digital Customer Support Services (DCSS) Agent Team is staffed by a Service Manager and 2.5 FTE Issues Resolution Managers (IRMs), who moderate and run the forum.”