Job retention scheme latest news, 6 July 2020

Jul 06, 2020

HMRC’s CJRS guidance has been updated since last week. Members can visit our dedicated UK Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (“CJRS”) page, which provides guidance on the scheme. Download our factsheet on the who, what, where, when and why of the scheme.  

A number of the pages in HMRC’s CJRS guidance have been tweaked and the ‘call box’ text has been updated to say the following:- 

  • You can now submit claims for periods starting on or after 1 July.  

  • 31 July is the last day that you can submit claims for periods ending on or before 30 June. 

New functionality was also added to the CJRS online portal last week which allows employers to delete a claim up to 72 hours after they have made it (i.e. if a mistake has been made). In support of this a minor update has been made to the guidance to include some new wording flagging that this is an option available. This text is included in the ‘if you make an error when claiming’ sub section which is also where HMRC sets out the amendments process more generally. If an employer or agent wants to delete a claim in the online service, they must do this within 72 hours. 

As Finance Bill 2020 continues to move through Parliament, llegislation introducing HMRC’s powers in relation to coronavirus support payments has been tabled. According to one of the amendments, if passed business will have 90 days to notify HMRC of a grant that needs repayment.