The benefits of effective communication

Aug 09, 2018
We are always communicating, but are we doing so in a way that will benefit the business? Josie McManus explores the advantages of effective communication.

Communication is a vital component of life. We are constantly communicating, but are we doing so efficiently? And can we do better? By adopting an environment that embraces effective communication, you will contribute to the increased success of your business.

Key ingredients

There are three important steps to effective communication that an management must adopt into all communications to clients and staff:

  1. Concise: While there is a temptation to be long-winded when communicating with clients, our attention spans are estimated at roughly 12 seconds, so it's best to keep it short.
  2. Clear: there should be clarity in the conversations that are held between parties. Information should be precise, with minimal use of jargon, if possible. This ensures a higher probability of understanding for everyone.
  3. Feedback: this is vital to the communication process. Feedback shows that the listener understands what is being communicated and allows them to seek further clarification on points they do not totally understand. The listener is also able to give insight into the problem from their point of view.

Advantages of effective communication

Positive brand management

Public relations and other key information touch points with clients all require effective communication to be successful. It allows for a positive, consistent and well-constructed message to be shared with clients. Engaging and taking on feedback from clients can only improve your message and brand.

Decreases conflict

Effective communication is useful for quelling potential conflict from the beginning of a relationship with a client. If both parties communicate clearly and concisely, and welcome feedback, less time will be wasted on conflicts down the line.

Promotes creativity and innovation 

If you foster a work environment in which all ideas are tolerated, this will encourage a more open dialogue in the office, where people feel comfortable communicating their vision for the business. You will see innovation and creativity flourish on your team.

It's important to ensure an open line of dialogue with your team that fosters effective communication between you, clients and staff. The importance of communication in contributing to the success of your business cannot be understated and will only add to the innovation and creativity within you business.

Josie McManus is the marketing manager for Baker Tilly Hughes Blake.