Updated CRSS guidelines - March 2021

Mar 22, 2021

Amendments and clarifications are included in the latest update to the CRSS Guidelines on how to determine a claim period. The guidelines now also reflect that the scheme is extended to 30 June 2021.

CRSS Guidelines

Paragraph 1 – Overview of the CRSS

The overview is amended to reflect the extension of the scheme to 30 June 2021.

paragraph 5 – How to determine a claim period

Paragraph 5.1 is amended to include detail on claim periods where restrictions commenced on a day of the week other than a Monday.

Paragraph 5.3 – How to make the first claim – The system automatically calculates the number of days within the claim period where the claimant enters the dates the relevant business activity became subject to restrictions.

Paragraph 5.4. – How to make a subsequent claim – subsequent claim periods not commencing on a Monday will be assigned and processed through the CRSS portal as though commencing on the Monday before the first day of the claim period.

Paragraph 5.5 – Start and end dates of claim periods – claim periods including a partial week will see the excess days combined, and the claim portal will calculate a claim for five full weeks plus the restart week, where for example the combined restrictions run for four weeks and five days.

Appendix II - E-Claim Screens

Revised e-claim screens are included in Step 1.

Appendix III - Public Health Restrictions

The extension of restrictive measures to 5 April 2021 is now included in the guidelines.