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Solicitors Accounts Regulations –Toolkit 2016 ROI

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Are you compliant with the new Law Society Regulations and Report?


These regulation are effective for accounting periods commencing on or after 1 December 2014.

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Release date: 11 April 2016

This toolkit helps you with the preparation of a Reporting Accountant’s Report for submission to the Law Society in accordance with Solicitors Accounts Regulations, 2014.

Issued following the introduction of the new Solicitors Accounts Regulations, 2014, and reflecting the Technical Release TR01/16.

This toolkit replaces the old Solicitors Accounts Regulations 2014 Toolkit (ROI), for periods commencing on or after 1 December 2014 It is available on a user friendly Word-based CD.

Key features include:

  • Tailored Acceptance/ Re-acceptance section as required by the Code of Ethics
  • Anti-Money Laundering points
  • Separate section of procedures required in relation to Insolvency Arrangements as required by the new Regulations
  • New Completion section included for closing down assignments
  • Contains a copy of the Technical Release and the Statutory Instrument
  • Updated Reporting Accountants Report section to address the new format report