Business and Ethics

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Business and Ethics is a text provided for the consideration and understanding of business ethics as part of FAE Core on Chartered Accountants Ireland's FAE professional course.

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The aim of this text is to:

  • Investigate the underpinnings of ethical behaviour.
  • Introduce a three-stage ethical decision-making framework to help guide the resolution of potential ethical dilemmas and heighten a sense of practical ‘ethical awareness’.
  • Present a range of fictional, yet potentially real, scenarios, that accountants might face in a variety of settings at various stages of their career.
  • Provide suggestions as to how to approach a general business ethics scenario in an FAE context.


Part I Introduction
  • Ethics and the Chartered Accountant
  • Ethical Behaviour
  • An Ethical Decision-making Framework: A Three-step Approach
  • How to Lay Out a Solution to a General Business Ethics Indicator in an FAE Exam

Part II Ethical Dilemmas

Format: Paperback, 42 pages
Published: September 2012

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