Movement of people


  • If the UK reverts to domestic rules and does not join the EEA or EFTA, Irish nationals who work or study in the UK may require visas to remain in the UK (and vice versa)

  • Employers may have additional visa costs

  • Skill shortages will occur in Ireland - there are already significant vacancies in IT, financial services, scientific and technology sectors

  • Irish citizens living and working in the UK may be forced back to Ireland, putting pressure on employment levels, housing, health and transport systems

  • There are a large number of multi-national companies operating in Ireland who have a mobile workforce throughout the EU. Brexit may require these companies to organise work permits and visas for their employees who are required to work in the UK

Recommended actions

  • Ireland and the UK should negotiate a bilateral arrangement allowing the free movement of citizens between the two countries

  • Allow permanent residence or indefinite leave to remain in the UK or Ireland for Irish or UKcitizens respectively

  • The Irish government needs to consider whether businesses can function without labour from the UK and make provisions for this if required

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