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As well as passing the Institute's exams, students are required to undertake a period Recognised Experience for Qualification (REQ). The REQ period is determined by your educational background. For example, the REQ period for students with a Undergraduate degree is 3.5 years. 

During the REQ period you will learn to apply the functional/technical knowledge to real-life situations; your broad-business skills will be developed and you will adopt the values that befits a prospective member of the profession. You are required to (regularly) record all relevant work experience on the CA Diary. This experience must be approved - at least twice a year - by an approved mentor. 
If you are a newly assigned Mentor or an existing Mentor looking to refresh your knowledge please take a look at our dedicated Mentor – CA Diary page.

How to access the CA Diary dashboard

In order to access the CA Diary dashboard, you need to be please logged into the website.  Once you are logged in go to Current students > Student centre. Should you have any login difficulties, you can use the forgot user ID or password facility on the login page.

User ID 

Students: your user name will be your allocated student number. 

Mentors:  if you were a mentor in the old CA Diary system, you will have to use your old user ID to log into the website. This is activity is normally carried out on a profile which is separate to member profiles.

Mentors who are also Training Partners: if you are a Training Partner and a mentor, do not use your TP1 login to complete mentor activity, as you will not be able to view the Mentor CA Diary dashboard in Current Students. Instead, use your member ID (or your non-member ID if you were a mentor in the old CA Diary system). 


In the sections that follow below, you will find resources to assist you with your understanding of the professional development requirements and how the CA Diary interface works. These resources are divided into two categories:

 >     Downloadable PDF Guides
 >     Online tutorials

Please ensure that you have reviewed, in detail, these resources before commencing any activity on the CA Diary.

Preparing to apply for membership?

Details on the Final Mentor Review and Application to Membership processes are specified in the CA Diary Guide - Trainees (pages 13-15).  

Slides from the webinar on the 13th of October 2020 'Admission to membership: CA Diary and CPD considerations' can be found via the links below, along with a recording of the event. 

Watch our video on application to membership and CPD requirements
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Guidance for recording audit experience

CA Diary PDF guides for trainees and mentors

Recorded webinars

CA Diary Requirements and Opportunities webinar


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Meet the Flexible Route support team


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CA Diary Webinar for Students in Business - Industry

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Finalising your CA Diary for membership

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Flexible Route Support - CA Diary requirements

Online tutorials 

A series of short, on-line tutorials on CA Diary functionality are available for trainees and mentors. These tutorials supplement, rather than replace, the PDF documents that are available on this page; Please therefore ensure that you have read all guidance, relevant to you, before commencing any CA Diary activity/updates.

Accessing the tutorials - trainees

To access the online trainee tutorials, click the button below. This will open up a new page entitled 'Student Services 1819'. On the top left, you will see an option to access the CA Diary tutorials.

Accessing the tutorials - mentors

To access the online mentor tutorials, click on the link at the top left of this page entitled 'Mentors - getting started on the CA Diary'.

Have a query? 

For general queries regarding the CA Diary, please contact

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