EWSS Guidelines update

Oct 12, 2020

Revenue recently updated its Guidelines on the operation of the Employment Wage Subsidy Scheme (EWSS) to include details of the accelerated subsidy payment date. The updated Guidelines also contain other updates highlighted in yellow in the guide which includes confirmation that proprietary directors do not qualify for the sweepback scheme along with details of EWSS anti-abuse legislations.

 See the guide for updates on the following: 

  • Anti-abuse section.
  • Change in subsidy payment date.
  • Clarity on certain grant funding.
  • Clarity on the interaction between employer EWSS and employee Social Welfare payments.
  • Reminder that employers should not register until they are eligible.
  • Confirmation that occupational pension schemes will retain their tax approval if employers in receipt of EWSS do not make payments into the pension during the period of the scheme.
  • Reminder that proprietary directors do not qualify for the ‘sweepback’.
  • Inclusion of Appendix VI to assist employers view how much EWSS and PRSI credit is accruing to them.